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Transforming Houses Into Homes

Sunflower Staging Company is a young, fast growing design firm in the Bay Area. With our passion for design, we work diligently to enhance your listing to successfully sell your home fast and for the highest price. Our goal is to create an atmophere where buyers feel at home the second they step foot in their potential home.  


We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the Bay Area. Get in touch with us today to learn how Sunflower can help your business.

Our Styles


The Birth Of Home Staging

In the early 1970s, interior designer Barbara Schwarz began her work in real estate. She quickly realized, well-presented homes sell faster and at a greater value. Barbara’s background in theatre gave her a unique perspective as a real estate agent, and she saw the presentation of a home as setting the scene—or stage—for prospective buyers to become invested.

This is when the idea of home staging was birthed and completely redefined the way realtors would paint a picture for potential buyers when presenting their properties.

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